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Buy a diesel generator and other equipment

Is your company dependent on a consistent power source to maintain its operations? Then a diesel generator is a good option for you. This generator is a self-sufficient power source that does not require electricity to function, but instead uses diesel. Even during a power outage, your company will have the option of electricity available. At Flanders Surplus NV, the expert in diesel generators in Waregem nearby Kortrijk, you can buy a variation of diesel generator models.

A vast selection of brands to choose from

This expert has a wide variety of different types of generators available for you. As you can buy a gasoline or diesel generator with them. However, perhaps you want to buy a diesel generator specifically? You can find many renowned brands, such as Caterpillar, Cummins, Mitsubishi and Volvo, at their company. Either of which will prove to be a solid addition to your company. However, maybe are in the market for Himoinsa generator? This expert offers both the 2011 model or a less powerful 2016 model. Are you looking to buy a pre-owned diesel generator, to use only as a back-up power source? Then this expert is the company for you. Flanders Surplus NV sells both new and pre-owned generators. Do you have problem with selecting a suitable generator for your company? This is very understandable. Therefore, you can always consult the experts of this company to assist you with any questions that you may have.  

Sell or trade-in your old equipment

Do you want to upgrade your currently owned diesel generator? Then you may be happy to know that you can trade-in your current equipment when you buy a new diesel generator with this company. Furthermore, Flanders Surplus NV also buys used gasoline and diesel generators, in case you only want to sell. Do you want to buy or sell a diesel generator? Then contact this expert in Waregem, nearby Kortrijk. Their advisors will offer a fair estimate or help you pick a diesel generator that suits your needs.