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Simple businesses to start

Simple businesses to start


Dog walking service

Nowadays everyone is busy, but that should not come at the expense of the pet. Do you love dogs and like to walk? Then you can start a dog walking service. The perfect way to be in nature with dogs every day and get paid too.


You can think of a subscription form where for example you take a dog for a walk every afternoon between 1 and 12:30. You can include several dogs in your walk and make sure they can enjoy nature when the owner is at work. Many dog owners pay for this with love. To read up extra well you can use the following manuals among others; Labrador, Border Collie, Jack Russel, German Shepherd.


What do you need?


A passion for dogs

Hiking boots

A walking environment in the neighborhood

Personal trainer

Personal trainer

Do you stand in the gym every day and know everything about nutrition? Then it’s a relatively small step to start working as a personal trainer. There are plenty of people who need help with their sport. Personally, I have the discipline to work out, but I know very little about nutrition. 


So someone who can help me with this I would gladly pay to set up a schedule or make a plan in advance. All you need for this career is an understanding of sports and nutrition. Let this just be the hobby of many Dutch people.


What do you need?


Knowledge of sports & nutrition

Be able to motivate people

A schedule that puts people to work

Trading with stuff

This is one of the oldest business models in existence and it still works great. In fact, it’s easier today than ever with the internet and websites like marketplace; trading stuff.


Do you have a lot of knowledge about specific teapots? Then you can spot the good deals quickly and sell them for a higher price. You can also scour bankruptcy auctions for good deals.


At these auctions, company assets are often sold for next to nothing. All you have to do is pick it up and resell it at a higher price on the marketplace and you’re in. An example of this is someone in my area who does this with office stuff. He buys up 20 workstations in bulk with a desk, chair and cabinet and sells them on by the piece. With a little effort and a small starting capital, you have a real business going on in no time.


What do you need?


Start-up capital

An eye for the good bargains

Transport (with plenty of room in the cargo space)

Bed and breakfast

Do you have a nice garden shed or a barn that you’re not doing anything with anymore? Converting it into a living space may not be such a bad idea. Many people are looking for nice and unique places to spend the night. It is therefore not surprising that bed & breakfast companies are springing up.


You can run it while working at home and meet lots of nice people. After a few good reviews from friends and acquaintances and some publicity, chances are you will have regular guests. 


What do you need?


A nice accommodation for your guests

A passion for providing a great experience

Great tips for activities in the area



With the rise of Airbnb and bed & breakfast places, the demand for good and reliable cleaners is also high. After every guest, the cottage needs to be cleaned. Often, the people who operate this don’t have the time or inclination to do so, and this is where you as a cleaner can take advantage.


Contact some people who run an Airbnb in your area. This is easy to check through the website. Chances are that they regularly have some jobs for you. You’ll have a few extra hours of work a few times a week, for example early in the morning or in the evening. That way you can earn a good living and maybe some free nights as well.


What do you need?


Cleaning supplies


Good planning skills



business management 


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