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Becoming the master of the race

March 20th 2022, Bahrein. Maybe you already experience jitters in your stomach when thinking about the next Formula 1 season. The D-day is coming closer and closer, and before we all know it, the fight between the twenty best Formula 1 drivers will continue. As the start of the new Formula 1 season is entering, it is not weird that a lot of fans will experience feelings they also would like to be part of the formula 1 world. We have some good news: it is possible! Realistic settings, realistic equipment; you will find it all in the online sim racing world! And maybe you are already part of this fantastic scene, but you just would like to level up your game. In this blog, we would like to give you some tips and tricks for the start of your own next Formula 1 season! 


Don’t lack in quality

Becoming a great online racer does not happen overnight, but luckily there are some things that might speed up the process. To begin with, we like to suggest that you don’t underinvest in good quality; the better the quality of your equipment, the better you will become during the races. Of course, you’ll pay more for good quality, but please don’t forget that when you pay cheaply, you pay dearly.  In the end, you will benefit more from good quality; you don’t have to purchase equipment again in a short amount of time and your racing skills will definitely be better when investing! 


Make sure your equipment is on point

Before entering the online racing scene, you should know which kind of equipment you for sure must purchase when aiming to drive a good race. Firstly, it is of great importance that you are in possession of a steering wheel. Secondly, pedals and a chair come in handy and are sure needed for a great race. When you are willing to level up your equipment, you could also choose to buy a Sim Racing Cockpit (for example from Sim-Lab). Next to the basic equipment, you will also find lots of accessories that will make your online racing experience more convenient.