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Top 5 interesting things to do in Eindhoven

Netherlands is a place that has a lot of things that attract tourists. However, Eindhoven is the 5th largest city in the Netherlands. This is a city that has a very interesting historical background as it started in the 13th century as the town here started with a wooden castle.

However, this place has to go through a lot of hard times one of the worst was when some parts of the city were destroyed in WW2. Now when you talk of Eindhoven as a tourist attraction, there are a lot of things that this place has to offer. Here we will discuss some of them.

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Top Things to do in Eindhoven:

The following are the things that you must do while you are in Eindhoven.

Visit the evolution:

This is one of a kind place that you will find nowhere else in the world. This was built by Philips as it was intended to be a museum but not it serves some other purpose. Now it is used as a conference center that is also very unique for the international visitors. However, you can still visit this place to have a look at its amazing interior and unique exterior.

The Genneper Park:

If you are up for some time that is spent calmly, this will be the best place for you in Eindhoven. You can come for a picnic or even a walk. The park is made on 200 acres of land where there are a lot of ponds and wooden bridges. Unexpectedly, you can also find a restaurant and swimming pool here which altogether make this place a great spot for tourism.

The Eindhoven Museum:

This is the museum that is rather unconventional because this is an open-air place that represents the true history of the place. It is made with the theme of the iron age and the artifacts from the middle ages are also present here. It is a great destination for families with children providing hours of learning.

The St. Catherine’s Church:

This church and its environment will tell you a lot about the history of the place as this place is related to the 1200s. Its twin towers and non-gothic design are very unique and present a beautiful sight. Not only its exterior is great, but the interior is also very interesting. This used to be an ordinary church, but it was made a national monument after its restoration from the damage of WW2.

Visit the DAF Museum:

This is the museum that will help you explore a lot about the history of automobiles. Here you will be able to see the trucks and cars made from the old manufacturing techniques. Other than this, lorries and firetrucks are also present here that are all very well maintained. This place also has some unique automobiles that you can see.


Eindhoven is a place that has a very interesting history because of all the events happening here throughout time. While you visit Eindhoven, the places that we mentioned here must be visited because this will help you explore a lot about Eindhoven.